Living Our Values, Working Our Values : Critical Reflections on being a Youth Work Cooperative



As something of a welcome antidote to the persistent propaganda about commissioning/competition in the world of youth work, here’s a chance to hear another side of the story.

Fionn Gregg of Voice of Youth gets in touch to say:

I am emailing you as I think you may be interested, or at least know others who are interested in this event and our workers co-operative. We are a youth workers co-op based in Hackney, East London. We run two youth clubs and do detached work, much like any other youth organisation… however, we are set up and run differently – as a co-operative! We believe in the following principles:
1. Young people choose whether and how to become involved with our groups and work.
2. Our work starts from the needs and wishes of young people in Hackney
 and all funding bids will reflect this.

3. We involve young people in taking action to improve their own lives
 and the lives of their communities;

4. We promote equality and challenge oppressive structures in society,
 institutions, groups and individuals, including in our own organisation.

5. We promote co-operative decision making in our own work, in our
 youth groups and in the communities where we work.
 …and that to work in this way with young people, it is important to work in a co-operative, equal manner as an organisational structure. Hence the co-operative!

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