Tristram Hunt doesn't quite get it, but………?

The Guardian reveals that Tristram Hunt, MP for Stoke and Labour’s newest recruit to its shadow education team, aspires to be the next minister for young people. A wide-ranging interview reports that,

He would also work to rebuild youth services, which, he says, is about more than “ping-pong tables and bean bags”. “It has a profound capacity to improve academic excellence and career opportunities. Youth services are withering on the vine at the moment. We will be making the case to Ed Balls and the Treasury team for youth service investment because I think there are long-term economic benefits.”

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Given Tristram’s brief is careers, youth services and vocational training this sounds encouraging, tempered by the obvious failure to recognise youth work as a distinctive educational project in its own right. We could invite him to one of our forthcoming ‘Engaging Critically’ seminars. Indeed we could organise one specifically to explore Labour’s understanding of youth work. What do you think?

Read the article in full below:

Tristram Hunt: ‘We’ve got to become the most interesting party’

He’s a historian, TV documentary maker, author and teacher. What difference is the new boy on the shadow education team going to make?


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  1. Well at least Labour has some-one in its shadow ministerial team concerned about youth services. Unlike the Con led coalition in which the Secretary of State says he doesn’t believe in having a youth policy at all. Of course Tristram Hunt needs to be advised on how to proceed but let’s not get him involved in a narcissistic theological debate about what constitutes youth work. He needs a few simple markers to help differentiate it from schooling or sport or welfare. And,given Gove’s recent comments,there now needs to be an explicit set of duties on a Secretary of State to secure a sufficient youth service through local partnerships with local authorities and voluntary bodies. Establishing a set of standards for provision,adequate resources and a skilled workforce follow from the basic duty.

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