The draft Code of Ethics makes its appearance.

Aristotle – ethics and politics

We’ve been involved significantly in the consultations re a code of ethics related to the setting up of an Institute for Youth Work. Our stance has been agnostic and critical. Find below the appearance of a draft code. We encourage all our supporters to respond to the request for feedback. In the meantime we will circulate a collective response for your consideration in the near future.

For the moment it is more than interesting to note the replacement of:

Enable young people to develop holistically, working with them to facilitate their personal, social and educational development, to enable them to develop their voice, influence and place in society and to reach their full potential’.


Youth work facilitates young people’s personal, social, and political development. Youth work enables young people to develop their voice, influence and place in communities and to reach their potential through intervention, prevention, and informal education.

The National Youth Agency has issued a draft Code of Ethics for members of the Institute for Youth Work, and is seeking feedback from the field.

The aim of the Code is to provide a concise entry point for the IYW so that practitioners from diverse backgrounds can identify whether it is right for them to join the IYW. All members will be asked to sign up to this Code of Ethics when they register to join the IYW. The Code also provides some guidelines for external audiences on what the members of the IYW believe in and stand for.

The Code of Ethics was written following consultation in early spring 2013, and as a result of consultation meetings held in Leicester, London, York and Gloucestershire in April – June 2013. The Code draws from, and has been developed in complement to, Ethical Conduct in Youth Work, a statement of values and principles from the National Youth Agency, re-printed in 2004.

The consultation runs until the end of July so please download the consultation document and return your feedback to Alkesh Patel at the NYA.

Our Engaging Critically seminar on the ‘Ethics and Politics of Youth Work’ in Birmingham on November 5 looks timely.

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