On Spam, Spam and Spam and it's not even fried on a buttie!

This not exactly a fascinating post, but bear with me. For over three months I’ve been inundated by spam efforts to register on the site, hoping I presume to gain access to our mailing list.  Hence, given I’ve not had the energy to trawl through the avalanche, I’ve done no general mailings for fear of contaminating your in-box. As things stand I have to manually approve additions to our mailing list, which is some sort of security.

However in the next few weeks I’m hoping to sort this. In the interim I have removed the Register facility from the site. I’m in the process of checking diligently the addresses on our mailing list.

Thus I hope soon to begin again regular mailings, whilst reviewing the way in which we pull together an authentic list of supporters.

In the interim just to say that our Facebook page has over a thousand supporters and is the place where the most interaction takes place. Worth signing up to at https://www.facebook.com/groups/90307668820/

Boring post terminated.

PS I used to love fried Spam. Am I alone in this fetish?

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