From 7:84 to to 10:86 – The tragic play unfolds.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s of a previous century one of my favourite agit-prop theatre groups was the 7:84 Company, the name reflecting a 1966 statistic that in the UK  7% of the population owned 84% of the wealth.

Following our recent post, Wealth Inequality in the United Kingdom, Credit Suisse’s annual Global Wealth Report   suggests that a reformed international theatre group should be called the 10:86 Company, given evidently that the top 10% of the world’s population own 86% of the world’s wealth.

For now just to add one statistic, that questions the possibility of social justice under capitalism, much talked about in youth work at a rhetorical level.

The entire bottom half of the world’s population by wealth owns only 1% of total global wealth.

[Thanks to Credit Suisse for the diagram]




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