YOUTH & POLICY 112 hits the streets with a fascinating mix of pieces


youth and policy

Our friends at Youth & Policy are having a bit of a hiccup with their site, so it’s our pleasure to post in the interim a pdf of the latest issue here.

Youth & Policy 112 April 2014

Youth and Policy 112 contains a fascinating mix, including a lively disagreement between Simon Hallsworth and John Pitts on ‘gang denial’. At this moment I’ve still much to read, including the welcome articles from Scandinavia, but can recommend – not just because they are supporters of IDYW! – Jon Ord’s critique of today’s imposition of simplistic measures of accountability upon youth work, together with Janet Batsleer’s passionate espousal of the cooperative rather than the military ethos favoured by such as Gove and Bernard Davies’s warning about the loss of independence being suffered by the voluntary sector. Looking forward to reading the rest in due course.


Building capacity in youth work: Perspectives and practice in
youth clubs in Finland and Sweden
How do detached youth workers spend their time? Considerations
from a time study in Gothenburg, Sweden
Gang talking criminologists: A rejoinder to John Pitts
Enclavisation and Identity in Refugee Youth Work
Aristotle’s Phronesis and Youth Work: Beyond Instrumentality
Attachment, adolescent girls and technology: a new marriage of
ideas and implications for youth work practice
Thinking Space:
[1] The Value of Youth Services towards Child and Adolescent mental health
[2] Youth Work and the ‘Military Ethos’
[3] Racism as Islamaphobia
Review article:
Independence at risk: the state, the market and the voluntary youth

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