On the Road to a Second Book on Youth Work and Story-Telling



As supporters will know we are in the midst of exploring a possible second book on the relationship between Youth Work, Story-Telling and Communicating the Contradictions of a Distinctive Practice. To keep you in the picture find below the latest notes provided by Bernard Davies, who is coordinating the Project. To give you a flavour here is an outline of possible sections of the book.


  1. Book sections
    • Where appropriate/possible:
      • to include story-telling case material to illustrate process etc;
      • to top and/or tail sections with a youth work story/stories relevant to the section;
      • to clarify the relationship between, and/or the interweaving of, the actual story-telling and the interrogation;
    • Draft material to be finalised:
      • Story-telling as research
      • Workshop with young volunteers
      • Story-telling: Working with students in HE
      • Story-telling in a youth organisation
      • Story-telling with youth work participants
      • Youth work story-telling and its facilitation
      • First-time story-telling facilitation
    • Other areas (hopefully!) to be covered
      • A facilitator’s critical log/reflection of their facilitation.
      • Story-telling as a part of project evaluation
      • Story-telling as part of team development
      • Story-telling as part of organisational development
      • Story-telling within non-youth work settings
      • Using drama as/within story-telling
      • Use of story-telling in another country from young person’s and worker’s perspectives

Read in full – STORY BOOK 2 Notes


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