Let’s Send The Right Message to Young People : Rhammel Afflick Urges

Rhammel Afflick

Over on HuffPost Students UK  Rhammel Afflick pulls together a cogent summary of the present crisis in youth work and the gathering of forces determined to turn things round.

Describing himself as ‘ a campaigner and strong advocate for equality and the empowerment of young people’, Rhammel begins:

As someone who spent seven years in the hands of youth services and the committed youth workers who shape them, I feel obliged to shout out and remind everyone why they’re so important. I’ve seen what their provisions have done for me, and what it’s done for the many peers who will have benefited from the wealth of services that you won’t find tucked away in other parts of local authorities and you can’t gain from the curriculum at school.

He finishes with a flourish.

We don’t just owe it to the young people who are most vulnerable to maintain our youth services, we owe it to all young people who have so much potential and are deserving of support that will foster and nurture their interests and needs.

Read in full – Let’s send the right message to young people

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