In the Aftermath : Thoughts and Initiatives – Institute for Youth Work speaks out

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IDYW was involved as a ‘critical friend’ in the early stages of the setting up of the Institute for Youth Work [IYW]. Since then it’s been quiet on the IYW front. We’ve no idea of how many people have signed up to the project. However the organisation is stirring as it journeys towards independence . Its Council has issued the following statement.

Statement from IYW Council on the General Election 

The Institute for Youth Work (IYW) recognises the deep concerns that much of its membership has for the profession of youth work following the general election results last week.  

It is expected that as outlined in Friday’s Children and Young People Now Article further cuts to unprotected departmental and local authority spending will follow.  The continuation of cuts to Local Authority spending will see our profession challenged such as never before.   The Institute for Youth Work is  fully committed to the protection and promotion of the values of youth work and that together we will  engage with decision makers to ensure our profession  and the impact it produces receives the recognition it deserves.

The IYW supports the efforts of the Choose Youth campaign to gain statutory funding for youth work and would like to see services across all sectors protected from any further cuts in funding. . 

We recognise that there are many disillusioned colleagues presently who are looking for strong leadership, a strong voice and a strong message in the public arena.   The IYW seeks to be the professional home for youth workers and as a membership organisation will speak up on behalf of our members; so it is at this point we ask you to join us and spread our membership offer so that we may be stronger in developing our strategic voice and speaking out on behalf of our profession, supporting individuals and organisations to continue to develop and deliver their crucial services to the young people who need them

The IYW has been parented by the National Youth Agency through its inception but is now taking its first steps as an independently constituted organisation.  You will see changes and more activity from us over the coming months as we grow in strength and numbers with the ultimate aim of improving and supporting quality in youth work.

Adam Muirhead, Vice-chair, Institute for Youth Work

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