In the Aftermath : Counter-Terrorism – Coordinator Resigns, is Reinstated, Membership Surges!!

Ta to
Ta to

Following news of the forthcoming Tory counter-terrorism bill, which will include plans to restrict harmful actions of those seeking to radicalise young people,

David Cameron to unveil new limits on extremists’ activities in Queen’s speech

there was panic in the Taylor household. Marilyn reminded Tony, the coordinator of IDYW, of the suspicion that he had been on an extremists list going back to at least 1977 and the newspaper expose of the theme of a youth work residential weekend. The headline read, ‘Seaside Sex Talks set Tory Ladies Bristling!’.  In this light he offered somewhat fashionably to tender his resignation, not wishing to besmirch the impeccable reputation of IDYW, but was immediately reinstated by some interfering European folk rattling on about human rights. In the wake of this early morning crisis – most of you were still tucked up in bed – there has been a breakfast gush of support for IDYW on Facebook with Tony’s mum joining up with the call, ‘One for all and All for One’. She always did like Erroll Flynn. Any road as the dust settles the membership surge took the total of our followers on Facebook past the 2000 mark. Seriously we are all going to need one another in the battles ahead to both defend youth work, young people, minorities, immigrants, dissenters and the common good. And it’s perhaps time to take back for ourselves the positive sense of being radical. I hope, but can never insist that young people are radicalised through their critical dialogue with youth workers.

The Struggle continues! La Lutta Continua! Ο αγώνας συνεχίζεται!

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