Debating Youth Work’s Future in Strathclyde and Manchester. June 19 and 22

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Find below a copy of the June Mailing to IDYW supporters. It’s posted afresh here as not everyone by a long chalk is on the mailing list and to my embarrassment the mailings are irregular. I will try harder. Most immediately see the information on the Strathclyde conference on Friday, June 19 and the IDYW seminar on Monday, June 22. Your support, if possible, for these two opportunities to develop a ‘futurespective’ would be much appreciated.
Supported by the School of Education, University of Birmingham

Monday 22nd June 2015 at 42nd Street, Manchester from 11.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.

This event is a space for the formation of a positive vision for publicly funded youth services amidst the ruins of austerity.

Led by Bernard Davies and Ian McGimpsey the event will ask:

• How has statutory money supported and disrupted youth work practice and values?
• What are the issues with current funding arrangements?
• What would ‘public money’ need to be in order to support youth work?
• How might we seek to build widespread support for such a model of funding?

Attendance is free. Please note, lunch is not provided as part of the event. To register your place, email Ian McGimpsey at



A conference celebrating 50 years of professional education in youth work and community education at Jordanhill, Glasgow and the practice’s impact and contribution to the positive development of community life.

Friday, June 19 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

More information, places for the conference and for the dinner/ceilidh in the evening can be booked via the online shop:


Despite the General Election the following posts, amongst others, retain their interest.
Following our involvement in the 2nd European Convention on Youth Work these appeared.
In the aftermath of the General Election these thoughts emerged.
More recent posts include.
Over six years on from the launch of our campaign the IDYW Steering Group will be taking a deep breath at its next meeting in Manchester on June 22, immediately after our ‘Public Money’ event. We will be discussing classically ‘where we are up to?’ and ‘where we think we want to go? We’ll be doing a post outlining the issues in detail this next week. As ever the meetings are open so you are welcome to attend and have your say.’ Get in touch with Tony at if you can make it.
Best as ever,
Tony Taylor

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