Racist and anti-immigration views held by children revealed in schools study | Education | The Guardian

Ta to guardian.com
Ta to guardian.com

Racist and anti-immigration views held by children revealed in schools study | Education | The Guardian.

Survey of 6,000 schoolchildren finds many have a wildly distorted view of the number of immigrants in Britain, negative attitudes about Muslims, and pessimism about their own future opportunities

This report also prompted the following response.

Your article (Children have negative views of immigration, survey shows, 20 May) is troubling in its own right, but what is more disturbing is the division made between “young people” on the one hand and “minorities/migrants” on the other. The article reports that young people have been hit particularly hard in the downturn and that it’s easy for their economic concerns to be manifested as hostility towards immigrant communities. This misses the point that the young people who have been the hardest hit by the downturn are black and minority ethnic young people (Report, 11 March). Your March article suggests there was a 50% rise in long-term unemployment for young ethnic minority people in the UK, compared with a 2% decline in unemployment for young white people. Indeed, the implicit distinction between British young people and immigrant communities is precisely what needs to be combatted if we are truly to address issues of dispossession and crisis facing many young people in Britain today.
Gurminder K Bhambra Professor of sociology, University of Warwick
John Holmwood Professor of sociology, University of Nottingham

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  1. My son was permanently excluded from mainstream meopham secondary school in January 2015,diagnosed with asd, having sen statement, school were still using the withdrawn exclusion guidance 2015, when withdrawn,giving my son a unfair hearing, ipr saying school won’t pay 4 k to local authorities, left with out any education since exclusion too

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