Post-Kids Company NCVYS opening up debate on what’s happened to the voluntary youth sector

kids company

A debate about the impact of  neo-liberal politics on the very character of the voluntary youth sector is long overdue. The Kids Company’s collapse is proving to be the catalyst for such a vital discussion. We await with anticipation further news of this welcome NCVYS initiative.

National Council for Voluntary Youth Services: Statement on Closure Of Kids Company

Following the closure of Kids Company this week, NCVYS members are stepping in and working with the Cabinet Office, to ensure young people are continued to be supported by new service provision.  Plans are in hand for NCVYS to host a Question-Time style event in October, to debate and discuss the issues around the closure of Kids Company and the impact this has had on the sector as a whole.

Latest commentary on the Kids Company at:

Reports hailing Kids Company’s ‘unique’ work funded by charity


And much can be learnt by spending some time with the informative reports produced through the National Coalition for Independent Action’s Inquiry into the Future of Voluntary Services. These can be found under BACKGROUND READING in the main bar at the top of this page. Meanwhile you might start with Dexter Whitfield’s The Ideological Context or Andy Benson’s The Devil that has come amongst us.

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