Welcome to the first yresearch – journal of social research and evaluation


Late last year we publicised news of a forthcoming event, YRESEARCH? : THE CONFERENCE AT THE YMCA COLLEGE, FEBRUARY 2015. The organisers informed us that “a new e-journal publication will be launched next year. Those presenting papers at the conference will be invited  to submit an article based on the presentation (3,000-5,000 words in length) for the first edition due to be launched in the autumn of 2015.”

We are very pleased to say that the proposal has come to fruition and below you will find the pdf of the first volume. The contents are as follows:

Editorial -Tina Salter

“These papers are a snapshot of some research being carried out in the field of youth and community work, at a particularly difficult time when many youth services have significantly diminished or simply do not exist. Whilst the landscape has shrunk, those left are showing a determination to capture and evidence the work which represents a long history of creative and meaningful engagements with young people. yresearch hopes to continue providing evidence of youth and community work.”

A Critical Case for Participant Action Research in Youth Work – William Mason

Youth Work Methodology as Social Research – Ken Harland and Sam McCready

Challenging Myths about Young People and Organised Crime through Collaborative Research – Naomi Stanton

Apprenticeships. New Opportunities for Young People or Another Great Training Robbery – Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley

Rethinking Personal and Professional Boundaries between Young People and Youth Work Practitioners as Manifested through Connections on Online Social Networking Sites – Liesl Conradie

yresearch- journal of social research and evaluation, Volume 1, September 2015 [full pdf version]


  1. Hey,
    I’m trying to open the pdf of the first research edition. It looks like a great edition, but the link won’t open and its not up on the YMCA website yet. Any ideas?

  2. Frances

    Ta for the nudge. Will try to sort out the link again. Not sure why it’s not yet on the YMCA site. Will chase.

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