LOGBOOK – new platform for professional open youth work


Message from POYWE, of which IDYW is a full member, particularly through the brilliant work of Pauline Grace. More to follow. 

We proudly present our new platform for professional open youth work – LOGBOOK. It offers a video channel featuring experts about different aspects of youth work and an E-Magazine that takes up relevant trends, challenges, methods and opinions of/for the field. Soon to come there will also be webinars where we invite all of you to join the discussion. It is a product of our Strategic Mapping Partnership, who today launched the new service at our meeting in Helsinki, Have a look, listen in and enjoy!



The first edition of LOGBOOK Magazine takes up the issue of radicalisation and extremism among young people and discusses the role professional open youth work might have in this, presents an insight in the current state of affairs in Croatia, England and The Netherlands, interviews youth workers and young people and asks experts for their opinion. Have a look and enjoy reading!


  1. I love the idea of recording attendees in a log book! That is awesome you can pick different styles of log books to cater to your taste and needs. My sister is getting married in a few months and is looking at log book options, I’ll have to share this post with her! Thank you for sharing your advice on getting log books!

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