3 comments on “Do you really need a degree to play table tennis?

  1. Maureen Rodgers says:

    Hi again Tony, what does JNC stand for? This looks really cool too.

  2. Tony Taylor says:

    JNC is shorthand for the Joint Negotiating Committee on Youth Workers’ pay and conditions. It’s a specific scale that for a long time local authorities honoured as the appropriate scale for full-time qualified youth workers. However it’s now under severe attack. Indeed it’s misleading to talk of a JNC degree as if this means the graduate will be automatically paid under the JNC. The reality now is that graduates will be paid whatever employers deign to pay. This said JNC salary and conditions, linked traditionally to teachers’ pay, is still a benchmark for the youth work profession.

  3. […] and Community students at the University of Derby organised an event with the provocative title, ‘Do you really need a degree to play table tennis?’ Sue Atkins and Kev Jones of the IDYW Steering Group were pleased to be involved. The students have […]

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