Youth Work and Faith: debates, delights and dilemmas – November 11, Bradford

youth work and faith

Programme (may be subject to change)

10:00   Arrivals, registration, workshop selection and networking
10.30   Welcome to delegates
10:35   Introduction ‘Youth Work and Faith – a starting point. What are the delights and dilemmas, why do we need dialogue and how we can support each other to find out more?’ Cris Mepham and Naomi Stanton
10:45   Keynote 1 ‘Youth Work in a “Post-faith” Culture’ – Richard Jones, Chief Executive at the Joshua Project
11:15   Coffee Break
11:30   Topical Short Talks – a series of short 10 min thematic inputs by different speakers focussing upon a debate, delight or dilemma.
Planned topics include working together, shared values, indoctrination and professional boundaries.
12:30   Lunch break
13:15   Reconvene for the afternoon programme and signposting delegates to workshops
13:25   Workshops – as signed up for in the morning
Planned topics include ‘belief and sexuality’, ‘passion, commitment and calling’ and ‘Christians and Muslims working together’.
14:30   Coffee Break
14:45   Keynote 2 ‘Ambiguity, identity and conflict – working between faith and non-faith positions’ – Bernard Davies, In Defence of Youth Work
15:15   Question time panel
16:00   Conference closed

Hope to see you there if you can make it.


  1. Yes, Maureen, I’m going to be there, chipping in as one of the topical short talkers. I’ll definitely do a report for the site.

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