Youth Work and Faith: debates, delights and dilemmas – November 11, Bradford

youth work and faith

Programme (may be subject to change)

10:00   Arrivals, registration, workshop selection and networking
10.30   Welcome to delegates
10:35   Introduction ‘Youth Work and Faith – a starting point. What are the delights and dilemmas, why do we need dialogue and how we can support each other to find out more?’ Cris Mepham and Naomi Stanton
10:45   Keynote 1 ‘Youth Work in a “Post-faith” Culture’ – Richard Jones, Chief Executive at the Joshua Project
11:15   Coffee Break
11:30   Topical Short Talks – a series of short 10 min thematic inputs by different speakers focussing upon a debate, delight or dilemma.
Planned topics include working together, shared values, indoctrination and professional boundaries.
12:30   Lunch break
13:15   Reconvene for the afternoon programme and signposting delegates to workshops
13:25   Workshops – as signed up for in the morning
Planned topics include ‘belief and sexuality’, ‘passion, commitment and calling’ and ‘Christians and Muslims working together’.
14:30   Coffee Break
14:45   Keynote 2 ‘Ambiguity, identity and conflict – working between faith and non-faith positions’ – Bernard Davies, In Defence of Youth Work
15:15   Question time panel
16:00   Conference closed

Hope to see you there if you can make it.


  1. This is really interesting Tony. Will you go to this? I would love to hear about the outcomes of this.

  2. Yes, Maureen, I’m going to be there, chipping in as one of the topical short talkers. I’ll definitely do a report for the site.

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