Apprenticeships. Channel 4 puts the boot in


As ever thanks to Martin Allen and Patrick Ainley for continuing to expose the ‘apprenticeships’ charade, supported in this instance by Channel Four.

Some three years after  the BBC’s  Panorama  dramatically exposed the misuse of apprenticeship funding by the supermarket chain Morrison; this week’s Channel 4 Dispatches provided further disturbing evidence of how young people continue to be short changed, but also public money misspent, despite government reassurances that the reintroduction of apprenticeships has been a resounding success. Dispatches main target was the clothing chain Next, where young people taken on as ‘apprentices’ complained of low-pay, little if no proper training and worst of all, not even being given permanent employment at the end. Meanwhile, the company had continued to receive government funding – £1.8 million last year – to run a training program now rated ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted.

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2 comments on “Apprenticeships. Channel 4 puts the boot in

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