Ambition, NCVYS and UK Youth : On-line consultation – youth sector support need


Ambition, NCVYS and UK Youth invite you to participate in a joint consultation regarding the needs of the youth sector, including support arrangements, funding, sector voice and representation, support of practice and workforce development. If you do not have a LinkedIn account then you will be required to sign up. Also feel free to invite other members of your organisation by forwarding the following URL to them: and getting them to ‘ask to join’.

At this very moment [ 8/9 December] an invite-only consultation is taking place at the St Georges House  in Windsor. A list of those taking part plus papers will be available soon. Indeed it will be revealing to see who are perceived to be the key stake-holders. Especially, as for instance, we were surprised to hear that the emerging Institute of Youth Work is not at the table.

This aside we would encourage people to contribute to the consultation. We are a bit concerned that folk will be put off by having to sign up to LinkedIn itself. Let us know how you are going on.


Thanks to Nichola and CVYS for providing this Word version of the consultation document, which can be returned by e-mail or through the post. Deadline is December 31.

Response form_youth sector consult_FINAL

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