The end of JNC? A Question of Resistance?

We’ve just received notice that the Employers’ side is unilaterally abandoning JNC – see below. The trade unions oppose the move, but at this point it’s not clear how resistance is to be organised. We would welcome any further information from the JNC Trade Union side.



  1. CYWU/Unite met the day after this blatant attack from the employers on youth, community and play workers professional status. We have planed our strategy for defending the JNC and the fight back campaign will be further discussed with the staff side unions and an action plan put in place. We will be calling on all workers and youth organisations from across the UK to support and defend the JNC as this is the back bone of our profession and can not be de-professionalised.
    The fight back campaign details will be out soon – watch this space and defend the JNC.

    Tracey Quinn
    Chair of CYWU/Unite
    Operations committee

  2. Tracey – Thanks for the prompt and positive response. I’ll copy and paste your call to arms on the IDYW Facebook page. Obviously we will circulate information about the fightback campaign as it becomes available.

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