Southwark plans 73% cut to Youth & Play : Youth Council ignored

Ironic that the Youth Council is ignored as Elections Publicity appears.

The Southwark Youth Council has launched this petition in its fight against drastic cuts to Southwark Youth & Play Services.

Southwark Council is planning on destroying the current youth service inside the borough. A “proposal” of a 73% cut has been put forwardthat will totally jeopardise the future of the Youth and Play services, so much so that there will be none and what ever is left will be bundled together with the council’s Leisure and Voluntary service. The Council has not discussed these cuts with the Southwark Youth Council, whom were elected by 6,000 young people and have really tried their hardest to silence the voices of young people by refusing our deputation at a full council assembly with lies. The council promised that no cuts will be made to frontline services but that promised has not been fulfilled.

  • The annual budget of the Youth service is £3.3 million and if the proposal goes ahead as it is the service will be left with under £1 million which is a 73% cut how can the youth service run as effectively as it does now with 3/4 of the budget gone?
  • They plan to remove all full time workers and replace them with part time workers and this loss of staff will inevitably force some youth centres to close. A detrimental result of this will be a high rise in youth related issues such as youth crime, teenage pregnancies, gang violence etc
  • Youth workers will be de professionalised because of the council’s thoughtless decision. It is very obvious that they don’t realise the importance of youth workers, they are a special kind of people, they are not teachers nor parents but they are people who play a vital role in the socialisation of the youth which is ever so important for us to progress into adulthood.
  • The opportunities that the Youth service provides includes making sure that young people receive qualifications, and the heavy emphasis on making sure there is an educational value to what young people do will very much be lost in the movement of the service.


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