A call to add your voice to the Centre for Youth Impact

We are encouraging practitioners to respond to this call. Obviously we are especially supportive of contributions that ask searching questions of the outcome and impact agenda with its problematic effect on the nature of the work we do. At this moment we’ll forward our critique of outcomes and our pieces in Youth & Policy 115, which focus on Youth Development and non-formal education.


Add your voice to the Centre for Youth Impact

We want the Centre to become a platform for discussion, an entry point to conversation around impact measurement and a place where anyone involved in work with young people can help shape the future of the impact agenda.

By seeking contributions from across and beyond the youth sector, our aim is to encourage collaboration and debate and to support the ongoing conversation.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for contributions to both our website and our monthly e-bulletin. Examples could include:

  • News items
  • Invitations to training and events
  • Blogs or opinion pieces
  • Articles for inclusion on the Centre website
  • Suggestions for resources to add to our Resource Hub

We’d also like to share case studies of different approaches to understanding impact, and how this has influenced practice.

Get involved
If you have something to say about impact measurement in the youth sector, we want to hear from you.

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