IDYW April conference postponed – watch this space

TURMOIL – ta to

Due to a mix of concerns and complications we are postponing our national conference, ‘Re-Imagining Youth Work’, which was to have been held in Leeds on Friday, April 8th.

Whilst we might be making a virtue out of necessity our decision might prove useful in the long run. As it is we find ourselves in the middle of a hectic period of consultation and realignment. The Training Agencies Group’s road-show, ‘Shaping Our Future’ is presently touring the UK. Both ChooseYouth and the Institute of Youth Work are  holding conferences in the second week of April. Meanwhile NCVYS has merged with Ambition, whilst UK Youth leads on exploring the proposed ‘Social Journey’ model of practice. Everywhere questions are being asked about the future of youth work.

In this context we feel that our conference might make better sense if we let some of the dust settle and then use it as a moment to draw together in critical debate a plurality of perspectives on the ‘precarious’ future. Given this stance we’re not sure of the best time to do this. Thus we’ll be looking to chat with all the above players and more, especially those not affiliated to the big guns of the sector, about when to stage our event.

In the meantime watch this space as we endeavour to report on the ups and downs, comings and goings, of this tumultuous period in Youth Work’s history. And, to say, we would welcome with tears of appreciation any thoughts from those of you attending the diversity of gatherings taking place.



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