Where is IDYW going? Where is the UK going?

EU referendum

It’s been a turbulent week. There’s been an IDW Steering Group meeting and a certain referendum. In the next day or two we’ll post a statement from the Steering Group, inviting criticisms and comments. As to the referendum and its unexpected outcome we’ll post a diversity of responses, enquiring in particular as to the content and character of your conversations with young people.

Watch this space.

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  1. […] Almost half of the population of the United Kingdom either didn’t vote or were unable to vote in the referendum. Many of those who were unable to vote were young people and refugees. The very people that the Brexit vote will affect the most. Of those who did vote, a significant proportion of of those who wanted to remain in the European Union were young people. This begs questions for youth workers, not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world… When will we listen to young people? What does this mean for youth support services? What opportunities will avail themselves to young people and what will they lose? These questions among many others have been the focus of discussion by many of recent days. […]

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