Conference of the European Research Network of Open Youth Work – call for papers

Pauline Grace, a member of the IDYW Steering Group, but wearing the hat of Chief Editor, the International Journal of Open Youth Work, sends this message, calling for contributions to this forthcoming event. If your proposal is accepted it is likely your flights from the UK will be covered. It’s short notice, but it would be great to see involvement from workers on the ground.


Conference of the European Research Network of Open Youth Work: ‘Theory and Practice Understanding Youth Work’ and Launch of the International Journal of Open Youth Work 19 – 20 January 2017

In the Inaugural Conference of European Research Network of Open Youth Work issues of how to bring theory to life through practice and how to interrogate practice via theory will be discussed, shared and explored. The conference aims at critical discussion about the responsibility of youth work research. The focus of youth work will be challenged by questioning the instrumental emphasis and methodological premises of youth work. The key issues addressed in the conference will include youth work and the response to the radicalisation agenda, issues related to the young asylum seekers in Europe, as well as the everyday life and the future opportunities of youth work in a variety of national realities. We wish to encourage youth work practitioners and researchers to explore young people’s agency and participation under challenging circumstances.

The conference includes a wide range of working groups. We welcome contributions related to the conference’s theme as well as other current themes in youth work.
Proposals are invited for:
• Self-organised sessions: groups may propose to organise a full session of 60 minutes including presentations (3 individual papers and discussion), or a round table discussion.
• Individual paper presentations: 15 minutes including discussion.
• Poster presentations: sessions will be set up for conference participants to interact with poster presenters.

Please submit the abstracts for presentations by 14th of December in this application or by email to


Working groups:
1. Youth work research
2. Research methods and ethics
3. Youth migration and mobility youth work response
4. Youth cultures, leisure and youth activities
5. Youth policy impact on youth work
6. Participation
7. Youth Services
8. Social movements, politics and radicalisation
9. Virtual youth work and digital data
10. Youth work education and Training
11. Youth political engagement
12. Open session

Partners of the conference:
– Newman University, UK
– Politikos tyrimų ir analizės institutas, Lithuania
– Malmö University, Sweden
– University of Iceland, Iceland
– Poywe (Professional Open Youth Work in Europe), Austria / Europe
– Ungdom og Fritid, Norway


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