Following an IDYW Steering Group meeting in Plymouth  and the withdrawal of Tony Taylor from the coordinator role, the following arrangements are now in place.

Administrating/Coordinating Tasks

It was agreed that the following people would share these, acting primarily as a contact point.

John Grace [January – April]

Malcolm Ball [May – August]

Naomi Thompson [September- December]

The new generic email is

Please use this address to get in touch with IDYW

Story-Telling Workshops

Bernard Davies to continue to coordinate. Watch this space for a fresh launch of the workshops.

Web Site

A small editorial group will now take over maintaining the site.

National Events

There is a commitment to holding at least two national events each year, one of which will be a Spring national conference. Malcolm Ball and Diane Law will coordinate.  We are looking to hold more immediately a national event during the NYA Youth Work Week in Birmingham, November 5 – 10. More details as soon as is possible. This gathering will provide the opportunity to sharpen up our collective input into the Labour Party consultation process.

National Conference 2017

Other local and regional gatherings will be encouraged, noting the success of our ‘Is the tide turning?’ initiative. However, the arrangements, including writing up reports, sharing feedback, will be firmly in the hands of the specific organisers.

Facebook and Twitter

Sue Atkins, Pauline Grace and Diane Law will take over the FB Admin duties, whilst the Twitter account will be taken over by a member of the Steering group.


Our balance stands at £1700.00 after paying Tony Taylor £200 towards travel expenses. This was agreed.

Future Meetings

The question of how best to organise steering group meeting was raised. Sue  Atkins will organise a Doodle poll re date of next meeting.


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