A General Election Looms : Time to make up our Minds?


Youth Work, Labour and the Election

Friday, December 6, 12.00 to 4.30

University College Birmingham, McIntyre House, Holland Street, B3 1PW

A few weeks ago we gave a warm, if questioning welcome to the Labour Party’s document, ‘Only Young Once’, hailed as the most progressive statement on youth work for decades. We decided to pursue the discussion further. However events have overtaken us. A General Election has been called. Our debate on December 6 cannot be abstract. It is compelled to be pragmatic and political.

Shadow Minister for Voter Engagement and Youth Affairs

Therefore amongst the questions we will be asking are:

  • Viewed through the lens of the IDYW cornerstones of practice, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Labour’s proposals?
  • IDYW is committed to an emancipatory youth work opposed to oppression and exploitation. Which political parties come close to embracing this obligation?
  • It is crucial to situate a political party’s proposals re youth work within its overall programme for society? We have lived for 40 years under a neoliberal regime opposed to the common good. For young people life has become evermore precarious. This suffocating regime is in crisis. Thus the coming election takes on an extraordinary significance. Does it offer the chance to break with the Thatcherite legacy and forge a renewed radical path towards social justice? Is the only progressive way forward critical support for the transformative agenda advocated by Labour? Or is there an alternative political choice?

The event will be structured into two main sessions, each of which will be stimulated by a short intro, small group discussion and a plenary. The first will interrogate Labour’s proposals.The second will explore how IDYW might respond to the contrasting challenges thrown up by the outcome of the Election.

The event will be free with a small charge for tea, coffee etc. As ever we encourage you to bring your own food to consume before the start or at the 2 o’clockish mid-afternoon interval.

Please book your place with Rachel at info.idyw@gmail.com, especially as we hope to circulate at least one paper prior to the event. 

Find here a Word version of the flyer, Time to Make Up Our Minds, which we hope you will share and circulate.

We look forward to seeing you in Birmingham.

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