Young people’s experiences of Covid 19: new report



‘Take the Temperature’, released today by Beatfreeks, shares the perspectives of over 1,500 young people who took part in a survey on how Covid-19 has affected their daily lives. The five key findings are shared below, and the report (which includes quotes and qualitative data from young people, as well as policy recommendations) is available to download here

PASS THE REMOTE (information, news consumption, compliance)
· 91% of our respondents said that they are strictly adhering
to government advice.
· 80% of young people are getting their information through
traditional news / media outlets and the Prime Minister’s broadcast
updates, as opposed to social media.
· Young people are actively monitoring the effect of news
consumption on their mental health.
COMING TOGETHER? (relationships)
· Positive friendships are fostering more positive outlooks on what
the future holds.
· Negative strain on young people’s family relationships is leaving
them less equipped to deal with the pandemic.
· Use of social media and the internet has increased, with positive
and negative impacts

LOCK UP & DOWN (mental health issues)
· 65% of young people said they were worried about their mental
health in light of COVID-19, compared to the national picture of 20%
· 83% of respondents reported being more worried than they
normally would be.
· The most popular way young people are dealing with their mental
health issues is by communicating with each other.
THE NEW NORMAL? (social responsibility, volunteering, youth voice)
· Young people are most worried about the impact of the crisis on
wider society (vulnerable people, the NHS, economic crisis).
· 51% of young people are making more effort than they normally
would to help those in need.
· Young people are conscious of how brands and businesses will act
during the crisis, calling on them to play a social role.
· Decision-makers are not engaging with young people.
TIMES OF TRANSITION (education, work, the future)
· There is a huge disparity in young people’s current experience of
their education.
· 58% of our respondents have said that Covid-19 has left them
unsure about their futures.
· Those worst affected are at a time of transition, and are now unsure of what future steps they can take.

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