Black Lives Matter and youth work: a seminar

Young organisers in Louisiana, 2016. Photo by Caroline Ourso, courtesy of Baton Rouge Youth Coalition

Save the date: Friday 3rd July, 3:30-4:30pm online on Zoom.

We would like to invite you to a participatory discussion on Black Lives Matter as it relates to youth work.

This online seminar will begin with introductions and a small number of short inputs to inform and inspire discussion.

There will then be space to discuss the issues in small breakout groups and collectively.

We propose to hold this event on Friday 3rd July, 3:30pm-4:30pm on Zoom. You are very welcome whether you are a youth worker / youth work participant who is also an organiser or activist; whether you are reflecting on how to respond in your youth work practice; or whether you simply want to get together with others and use this space to educate ourselves on this issue.

More details and booking for this free seminar will follow shortly. If you have ideas for questions to discuss or any other thoughts and ideas, feel free to share them with the organisers by email:

Background reading:

You are invited to read the recent reflection on this website by IDYW steering group member Steph Green: 

You may also be interested in this USA youth work perspective from 2016 by Stell Simonton of Youth Today: ‘To some youth organizations, Black Lives Matter is a natural extension of their work’. 

An invitation to write:

If you would like to share your reflections, we always welcome blog pieces critically reflecting on this or any other issue from a youth work perspective: send your piece or idea or any questions to us by email: 

As always, we are happy to support with editing, proof reading, feedback etc, so don’t let concerns about your writing stop you from getting your ideas across. We know that writing can be challenging – it is challenging for most of us, too – if you have something to say, why not challenge yourself and give it a go? Videos, poems, conversations, art work and other creative responses are just as welcome as traditional blog pieces. Youth workers’ and young people’s voices are as crucial as ever at this time.



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