Youth Work and the Social Care of Young People : An Uneasy Relationship?

Given a range of discussion over the past couple of years around a perceived, yet hidden slide from youth work towards youth social work, here’s an interesting approach from Kat Curnock.
Hi All
I’m writing a piece of research about the development of youth work with looked after young people, in social care residential settings. The two major flaws/themes that I am encountering are relationship forming in a setting in which workers are viewed as authority figures, with whom a relationship is compulsory, and a major compromise of voluntary participation, again largely due to the setting.

I am using action research to investigate this, and was wondering if this struck a chord with anyone who could maybe direct me to any articles/theorists on any of the topics mentioned above.

With thanks


I’ll get my thinking hat on. If you have any links etc, send to and I’ll pass them on.

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