The Loneliness of a Long Distance Youth Worker : You Can Change the World



change world

A warm welcome to a new Youth Worker blog – The Loneliness of a Long Distance Youth Worker.

It begins:

Today has been one that has seen the might of the meeting stand strong. 11 hours worked. 4 meetings completed. 1 frustrating phone call. 4 hours of face to face work with young people.

Whilst there is never a dull day, there is nothing that comes much closer than back to back meetings. I recognise their importance but at times they are like the appendix in the human body, no one knows quite why they are there and no one would really miss them.

It ends:

Then together and truly only together can young people and youth workers unite and believe that THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

Well worth investigating to see how Liz, the blogger, gets from A to B.


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