New Year’s Resolutions and Greetings from Home and Abroad

Ahead of our own thoughts on the coming New Year it’s good to hear from James Ballantyne in Durham and Maureen Rodgers of the Australian-led Youth Work Network.

James offers for our perusal his top 15 resolutions for youth workers.

Into 2016: New Years resolutions for the Youthworker

I liked especially  numbers 4 and 14.

Restrict using theological or theoretical phrases as catch all terms that no one else knows, or dilute their meaning ( im thinking ‘Missio dei’. ‘Incarnational’, ‘person-centred’, Freirean’ ) even worse if you don’t know what they actually mean, or haven’t read up on them since college.

Treasure every moment and conversation you have with young people and find ways that make conversations happen, happen easily and happen on their terms.

Whilst Maureen speaking to the Network says,

Thanks for being part of this group and sharing your ideas, information and resources. I have found that many of us can work in isolation or can be so under pressure to meet targets that opportunities for networking don’t happen as often as they should.
We are stronger together!!!!

Australian 2016 Greetings

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