R.I.P. Peter Ball, former National Youth Adviser, Church of England

Peter Ball National Youth Adviser

Thanks to Ben Mizen for the photo

Dave Rose writes:

Very sad news – the death of Peter Ball. Peter was Diocesan Youth Officer for the Diocese of Canterbury when I moved there after gaining my JNC, and I was grateful that Peter agreed to act as my Mentor. From Canterbury, he moved to be DYO for the Diocese of Oxford followed by taking the post of National Youth Officer at Church House Westminster – before seeing the post abolished as part of ‘reorganization’. Peter was deeply spiritual & a massive advocate for professional standards in the Church’s work with Young People and the importance of appropriate training to be available to volunteers. I shall miss his quiet humour and friendship & thank God for his ministry.

As we understand it, in recent times, Peter worked ecumenically with churches in Oxfordshire.


3 comments on “R.I.P. Peter Ball, former National Youth Adviser, Church of England

  1. paul niemiec says:

    Thank you, God Bless Peter–you were, simply, the BEST

    SO MANY of us owe you SO MUCH

    Niemiec…..former DYO, Fellow Priest and honoured to be a friend

  2. Doug Nicholls says:

    Peter was a wonderful advocate of human engagement through youth work, I am so sad to hear of his loss.

  3. St says:

    Great supporter of CYFA in my time there.

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