Save Kirklees Youth Service : The eloquent voice of young people

Young people from Kirklees are fighting to save their youth clubs and open access youth work. Please visit their Facebook page and sign their petition at



And, as Patch Allen says, if you don’t do anything else today, catch this eloquent and moving speech by Jenny Goldman in the Kirkleees Council Chambers. Go to 21:30 on the Council webcast.

And another slide and story from the Youth forum.





  1. […] Evidently, undeterred by the touch of contradiction here and there in Wilson’s bullshit, CYPN informs us  that “youth work leaders welcomed the announcement as an opportunity to reinvigorate voluntary and statutory youth services.” Indeed, Anna Smee, CEO of UK Youth, is so moved as to venture, “the minister’s commitment to help every young person throughout their transition to adulthood needs to be at the heart of a new youth strategy.” Meanwhile the destruction of the Youth Service continues and is resisted – see Save Kirklees Youth Service. […]

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