Sharing Stories to Defend the Work – Sympathetic media coverage


Sympathetic and supportive coverage by Laura Kearns in the Leamington Observer

Youth workers share their stories

REAL-life stories are being used to highlight the importance of youth work in the face of cuts.

Youth workers from various organisations have teamed up to produce a booklet filled with examples of how youth workers have helped young people in the district.

The youth workers explain how through various projects they have helped people deal with issues including homelessness, mental health, family and fear of revealing their sexuality.

The online booklet ‘Youth Work Stories’ tries to show how the worker helped the young person and what the outcome was.

It has been compiled by staff from The Gap, Warwickshire Clubs for Young People, Lillington Youth Centre, Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs, Wellsbourne Youth Services and The Sydni Centre.

A spokesman said: “We want community members, decision makers and influencers to hear these stories so that they can better understand why youth work is so important and so this decline can be halted. Nationally thousands of youth worker posts have disappeared and local government spending on young people’s services has on average decreased by 25 per cent.

“Youth workers take time to build relationships of mutual trust and support with young people, working in their communities, helping them make their own decisions about their own lives, and developing their confidence and resilience.”

Visit and search for Warwick to read the booklet.

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