Youth Champion Leon Mexter R.I.P.

Pete Stout OBE, Chair of Youth Focus North-East writes:

It is with the utmost sense of sadness and grief that I have to inform you that our great friend, inspirational leader, and youth champion Leon Mexter has passed away.

Last Friday, Leon had an aortic dissection following a presentation to a major Newcastle law firm. Surgeons battled for six hours to try and save his life, but sadly it was not to be.

Youth Focus: North East’s Board of Directors and staff team are in shock at the loss of Leon, who has worked for the organisation for the last seventeen years. Over the years his contribution has been immense, not only across the North East region, but also nationally and internationally. He has designed and delivered programmes of work and initiatives that broke new ground in youth development and stand as testimony to his unique ability to inspire and lead young people.

Leon has consistently supported the wider youth work field, and been an advocate for development, change and training. His life has touched the lives of thousands of young people, workers and organisations; his memory will live long based on what he stood for, campaigned for and believed in. The world has lost a good man.

Our heart goes out to Leon’s wife and young boys, we cannot image the loss they must be enduring.

Here at IDYW we can only echo Pete’s words in expressing our sincere condolences and sense of loss.

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