Write for our new series: Critical student voices!


This Youth Work Week we at IDYW are launching a new series for on this website:
“Critical Student Voices”.

IDYW would like to invite students of Community and Youth Work to submit
some of their critical reflections / thoughts / opinions of their journey in
Community and Youth Work. We welcome input that is in the spirit of IDYW. It can be as creative or traditional as you prefer – anything from poems to paragraphs to pictures. Any students who would like to share their work can email it, along with a title for their piece, a short bio of the author and preferably an image to indefenceyw@gmail.com.

If you are studying Community and Youth Work (or have recently graduated), please consider sending in your contribution! Perhaps you have done some research for your dissertation or an assignment, or perhaps you have something else you want to share. You might want to have a look at the IDYW cornerstones or other posts on the website to get an idea of the kinds of issues we are interested in – feel free to be critical!

Lecturers, do encourage your students to contribute! Some of you may even have a blog assignment or something similar – it would be great to see some thoughtful, critical youth work writing here. Any lecturer who has any questions about the new series can email Liz Woolley at  liz.woolley@sunderland.ac.uk

Thanks to Liz and her students for coming up with this great idea and then putting it into practice! The series will launch tomorrow.

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  1. […] Happy Youth Work Week 2019! We are delighted to celebrate Youth Work Week with the launch of our new series Critical Student Voices with this piece by Emma Naisby, who is a JNC Qualified Community and Youth Work (University of Sunderland Graduate) and Youth Worker at Southwick Neighbourhood Youth Project, Sunderland. If you are a student or recent graduate in Community and Youth Work and you would like to contribute to In Defence of Youth Work’s discussions and debates, please consider contributing! […]

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